Tilley T5 Hat [TIL82SAG]

Colour: Sage with Olive underbrim.

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Tilley claim to make the best outdoor hats in the world. They have been certified to block 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and have a UVF rating of 50+, the highest rating available. Added to that, if it ever shrinks or wears out, Tilley will replace it free of charge. Tilley Hats are packable and machine washable, and come with their own 4-page owners manual!

The original canvas Tilley T5 has a broad brim front (2 5/8inches) and back (2 3/4inches) to keep off the rain as well as the sun. It floats and has a chin cord to prevent it blowing off. Brass ventilation grommets and cord eyelets. Weight: 130g.


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